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Thing to Do: Run in my Underwear

I had heard about the Cupid’s Undie Run a few years ago and found out in November 2013 that they were finally bringing the run to Raleigh. Interestingly I couldn’t find anyone to do this one with me ;) I guess some things are just a little too crazy for my friends. Luckily a Meetup group I’m a part of was planning on going so at least I had people I could talk to!

I wasn’t as brave as some people I saw who very clearly drove to the event in their underwear although I do have to say I saw a LOT of people that were “cheating” and wearing either their underwear over their clothes or wearing shirts, tank tops or other costume accessories that helped cover them up a bit. I was actually in the minority for truly being ONLY in my underwear. I walked into the host bar fully clothed, had a quick beer for courage, and disrobed 15 minutes before the run. We all gathered outside a few minutes before the start and we were off to run the mile long course through the streets of downtown Raleigh.

I was surprised and a bit embarrassed by the number of spectators and onlookers, all of whom were taking photos. The streets were obviously closed for our run and I could see people in the detoured cars craning to get a look at what was happening.

I’m no runner but I think that was about the fastest mile I’ve ever run. Although it had rained earlier in the day, the sun was fully out and the temps were in the high 40s. However the wind was pretty brutal. To make things even better, there was still snow on the ground from the winter storm a few days before, which I thought made a great addition to the photographs.

Check out the snow still on the ground!

Check out the snow still on the ground!

After we returned to the bar, the Meetup group took a quick group photo together but they were clearly going to stay for the “after” party which lasted for a couple of hours. However, the bar is also a restaurant and there were “normal” people there with children so I felt strange about standing around in my underwear in front of kids (although: Maybe stop bringing your kids to bars?). So I got dressed and headed home, feeling proud and accomplished.

So that was my experience running in my underwear. They do this run in much colder temps and harsher climates than what we typically have in Raleigh. Would you do it at all? Would you do it in freezing weather?

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