Flyboarding at Jordan Lake

Thing to Do: Go Flyboarding

I first learned of flyboarding about a year ago. A friend sent me a YouTube video and (of course) I was immediately intrigued. There are two water jet pack offerings out there right now. One is flyboarding and is water jet powered boots, as seen here: The other is a more traditional jet pack like this: By redirecting the water that propels a jet ski through a hose that connects to the boots or jet pack, a person is able to fly through the power of water!

A Groupon came up for flyboarding at a local lake a month or so ago and you know I jumped on it, being the Groupon queen! Normally a 30 minute flight would cost $200 so with the Groupon I was able to do it for half price.

I was super excited to do this after watching all of the videos. I knew I wouldn’t be able to zoom around immediately, that it would take a lot of practice to fly but I still wanted to give it a shot. Wearing my GoPro, you can see I managed to get up into the air a few times, for only a few seconds before losing my balance and crashing back into the water.

And then sometimes you do more crashboarding than flyboarding

And then sometimes you do more crashboarding than flyboarding

For perspective, at one point I look back at the jet ski and from that you can tell I really am airborne. My GoPro was knocked down a couple of times and at one point (about 1:49) you can see a great view of the water shooting out of my boots. Very cool!

I wouldn’t have been so frustrated about my lack of flying skills if the overweight dude that did it after me hadn’t done so well. He immediately managed to get up in the air and proceeded to wave and smile to his friends back on the dock like it wasn’t anything! Oh well. Some people are just naturals!

By the end of the 30 minutes I kinda felt like I was getting the hang of it so I really want to try it again. At no point did it feel dangerous, although you do have to be aware of the jet ski. The person with the boots directs where you go so at least once I fell into the water and had to dodge the jet ski that I had pulled in my direction. No biggie.

I want to try the jet pack too. I’m not sure if that would be easier or not but I still want to try it. Like so many things, these experiences are so damn expensive. Even with the Groupon, $100 for 30 minutes is still pretty steep. (Of course a flyboard supposedly costs $10,000 so they gotta make their money back somehow!)

So, what do you think? Would you like to try it? HAVE you tried it?

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  1. I can’t wait to give this a go and fly around like Iron Man!!! I was supposed to do it a few weeks ago but they had to cancel and re-arrange it for later this summer. Still it looks like you had a great time Jess.


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