Thing to Do #18: Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory into Practice

The photo to the right is a framed poster based on an original print on display at the World Erotic Museum in Miami. I loved it so much, I purchased it during my visit to the Museum back in 2007 and it hangs in our bedroom, away from the prying eyes of visitors (Really, it’s not a big deal. We have a nude Modigliani print in our kitchen that takes most people aback). The book (below) sits on my night table.

Thing to Do #18 is “Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory Into Practice.” I recognize that this is another one of those “private” posts. In the book there are 9 different positions; only 1 position has escaped me all these years. Without going into much detail, I’ll just say it requires a LOT of upper body strength from both the female and the male and, as I’ve mentioned, I have no upper body strength (that’s why “Do a Pull Up” is on my 40 Before 40 list).

I’m a married woman so I figure it’s not the worst thing in the world to talk about this. Between “Join the Mile High Club” and “Have Adventurous Sex,” there are some things on the 101 Things Before You Die List that you just can’t brag about!

So…um…have you “mastered the Kama Sutra”?


About Jessica

Mild mannered marketing drone by day. Bucket list adventurer by late afternoon. Having first drafted a list in high school, Jessica's list of things to do before she dies has slowly taken over her life and consumes her thoughts. Because of the list, she has traveled to Mordor, plummeted towards the Earth's surface from 13,000 feet up, cavorted with whale sharks in open water, skinny dipped herself into the Guinness World Book, and cursed the day she was born during the last miles of a Marathon. It's safe to say that if Jessica is doing it, it's on the list.

19 Responses to “Thing to Do #18: Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory into Practice”

  1. Hi Jess, I’d love to see that nude print. Can I share a secret? I want my own nude painting/photo when I get my own house. But since I’m from somewhere conservative, I’ll have to hang it in the bedroom instead. =P

    • The Modigliani print has this whole other story about being passed down to bachelors in my husband’s group of friends…but when he officially “got off the market,” I refused to give it up to the next bachelor in line! Here’s the image: http://gabrielmoreno.yolasite.com/resources/modigliani.jpg

      I think having a “boudoir” photo shoot is very empowering and can be a lot of fun. I definitely think you should do it and have a huge portrait hanging right in your entryway!

  2. I have the illustrated version if you ever want to venture that far!

  3. Love this goal. Have never read the book, but plan to. You are discussing this very tastefully so I don’t see why anybody would take offense to it. Adventurous sex rocks! Like at the beach or at a roof top ;)

  4. My mom was really big into art deco and specifically the nude calendar girl prints so there was a ton of naked lady art in my house growing up. Which was a bit much when I was a teen and completely embarrassed to have friends over. However, now I really love the pieces.

    How have I never heard of the world erotic museum?!?!?!

    • I haven’t talked about the World Erotic Museum!? It’s…interesting. As a museum professional, it lacks quality displays that you may have come to expect at other larger museums. They have a LOT of stuff but it’s kinda just thrown out without much consideration of labels. A good bit of ancient art/artifacts, some large sexual torture pieces, some huge bed some famous prostitute had, and the huge penis statue thingy prop from A Clockwork Orange. It’s right on South Beach so if you find yourself in Miami, it’s worth the trip.

  5. I am so disappointed that there wasn’t more to this-I was expecting something much more salacious.

    • Well, it’s just good sense to not put private things out there on the Internet. I always have to consider my career and you just never know who may happen by…

  6. Nope, haven’t mastered the Kama Sutra, but now I want to go to the World Erotic Museum!I’ve added it to my bucket list. My husband says thank you.

  7. Mastered it? not yet. I’ve never actually tried to do any of the fancy maneuvers since I think it would more uncomfortable than fun.

    By the way, I love that you have a Modigliani in your home. I love his works. There are a couple of his paintings in museums in Minneapolis and I always check them out when I go.

    • The ones in the book are fairly “standard” and weren’t all pretzly and uncomfortable looking. But this one….I’m going to have to start doing more weights at the gym!

  8. Excellent post. No need to go into too much detail..lol. I’ve had book about stuff like this (not the actual Kama Sutra book), you know us guys have to be as prepared as possible or it may NEVER happen again ;)

  9. Ha, this is on my list as well! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to check it off completely because some of these are just downright scary, no?

  10. If you want to follow the Kama Sutra positions you need a very flexible body and of course a flexible partner. Believe me most positions are for gymnastic gold medal Olympics winners not for ordinary people!

  11. I agree with you completely about this being private. All I will say is…I’m almost there :)


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