Thing to Do #34: Design Your Own Cocktail

hg_cocktail_2Now that the holidays are upon us, you may find yourself at some social functions imbibing adult beverages.  Early in the evening when there is liquor aplenty, the well-known and long-loved drinks are easy to make, but what do you do when all you have left is butterscotch schnapps, cognac, banana rum, and Sambuca?  Why, you do Thing to Do #34: Design Your Own Cocktail!

While this thing to do can be done by playing with left over liquour, I actually tended bar for some time while in college, so I actually have a small bit of expertise in this arena.  My favorite thing to do was layering shots, so I knew any cocktail I created would have to be layered.  I modeled my shot after a Buttery Nipple, which is Bailey’s Irish Creme layered on top of Butterscotch Schnapps.  But, let’s make it exciting and light it on fire!  So on top of the Bailey’s Irish Creme, I layered Barcardi 151- light on fire and you have my creation: a Chapped Nipple.

What drinks have you and your friends created on some late nights?  I know when I was a bartender, people would request drinks I had never heard of, and upon further questioning, inevitably the person had had the drink that this guy at this party this one time was making…

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