Thing to Do #105: Visit Every State

nh3nh4gorge2nh2This thing to do is actually a hold over from the original list I made when I was in high school.  The only “rule” is that I have to “really” visit each state, actually do something while I’m there (spending time in airports or just driving through doesn’t count).  So far I have (as of October 22, 2014):

I don’t count Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Maryland because I just drove through them.  West Virginia had been one that had just been driven through until we went white water rafting last fall.  And although I had been all through New England, I finally added Vermont to my list last weekend.

My good friend from college, Jessica, lives in New Hampshire.  When I visited her in 2002, we went to Maine and Massachusetts (a story for another day).  But missed Vermont.  So when I visited her last weekend and she asked what I wanted to do, I responded with visit Vermont (so that I could finish collecting all of the New England states).  The original idea was that we would visit the Ben and Jerry’s Factory for a tour, but as it was Good Friday, we called to make sure they were open.  They were still doing tours, but apparently they never make ice cream on Friday’s-what’ the point of doing the tour if they aren’t making ice cream?

So we set off towards Vermont, which was only about 45 minutes away from her town of Concord, NH.  We went in the general direction of Ben and Jerry’s but we stopped every so often and soon discarded the idea of doing the tour.  She saw a sign for Quechee Gorge, a landmark she had visited as a child and we pulled off the road.  The views were rather spectacular (as you can see from above) and we made our way to the bottom.  With it only still being early April in Vermont, ice still covered the parts of the path in the shade.  When we got to the bottom, I made my way through the rocks and decided to drink from the water.  How many waterways in North Carolina can you do that?  Definitely not the Neuse! (The third most polluted river in the country).

When we got back on the road, I mostly just appreciated the scenery, as Vermont is all mountains.  As we neared Monticello, I actually saw snow covered peaks.  In April.  We got off at Monticello and wandered through town and then headed back to New Hampshire.

A truly exciting trip, I know.  But honestly, sometimes its just a luxury to get in the car with nowhere to go, stop when you want to and wander around, and just appreciate the scenery.

Also during my visit we visited Jessica’s favorite bra fitters, Zoe & Company, where I discovered that I had been wearing bras incorrectly all my life and that instead of the little B that I thought I was, I am actually a “D” cup.  (Honestly, I am so excited about this idea, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to work it into conversation.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of making it my “Status” on Facebook).  We also attended the Manchester Monarchs game, the AHL team for the L.A. Kings.  I got the opportunity to see hockey fans in New England, complete with a mascot that attacks the opposing fans and gets thrown out of games by getting into fights with the opposing players while they are in the penalty box.

The last full day that I was there we went Indoor Skydiving, but I’ll save that for the next post

So, which states have you visited?

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Mild mannered marketing drone by day. Bucket list adventurer by late afternoon. Having first drafted a list in high school, Jessica's list of things to do before she dies has slowly taken over her life and consumes her thoughts. Because of the list, she has traveled to Mordor, plummeted towards the Earth's surface from 13,000 feet up, cavorted with whale sharks in open water, skinny dipped herself into the Guinness World Book, and cursed the day she was born during the last miles of a Marathon. It's safe to say that if Jessica is doing it, it's on the list.


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