Science of Beer event at Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC

Thing to Do #35 (40/40): Visit All NC Breweries: The Second Photo Edition

Where Jessica gets a little better about recording her brewery adventures

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Thing to Do: Visit Chicago

Where Jessica falls a bit in love with the Second City

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Willis Tower

Thing to Do #85: Visit the World’s Tallest Buildings

Where Jessica chases another constantly changing finish line

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Thing to Do #105: Visit Every State

Where Jessica announces that she has reached the 50% mark of visiting all the states

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Time’s All-Time Greatest 100 Novels

Where Jessica starts a new book list

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Get my saucer at the Flying Saucer

40 Before I’m 40 Status

Where Jessica realizes that with 5 years to go, she’s more than halfway through

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haw river farmhouse ales

Thing to Do #35 (40/40): Visit All NC Breweries Update!

Where Jessica finally admits that she’ll never actually visit all the NC breweries

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Me decorating

Thing to #12 (40/40): Take Cooking Classes

Where Jessica gets fancy with cakes

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Thing to Do #8 (40/40): Watch All of the Oscar Best Picture Winners

Where Jessica celebrates having (mostly) completed the original best movie list

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Panda at the National Zoo

Second Quarter Report 2015

Where Jessica realizes this has probably been one of the most successful years for checking things off the list…and we’re only halfway through!

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Riding a dino at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC

Thing to Do #95: Get Revenge

Where Jessica reflects on how truly happy she is and realizes she’s actually checked off another item

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Rugby eagle

Thing to Do #18 (Sports List): Attend a rugby game (and learn the rules)

Where Jessica becomes an instant fan of rugby

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